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Why Should I care? What can I do?

This day and age many people are not concerned by security or privacy but they should be. Like here in Finland our police made a new YouTube video with their idea of ideal future of 2050. Where the police can track you in real time and can do anything they like like if you say something wrong on the internet  they will just teleport you into  a prison cell. Or like David Cameron the British prime minister wanted to ban encryption all together from  his citizens and let’s not forget the Snowden leaks everything you do will be tracked and saved for later use. We don’t know what it might be is it just for  targeted advertisement?  I doubt that and so should you.

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There is nothing evil or malicious to want to keep your own things to yourself if you write something to your friend  online it should be handled just as you would talk to someone  at a street corner.  Have you heard the saying there is no Cloud only someone else’s computer?  you can know what is happening to your data in 10 years and it would be stupid to think that you should not care about it.  Information is valuable even yours.


So my first plan is to make a collection of tools you can use to govern over your own  data.   there are a ton of tutorials for its of each of these tools but I have not seen a very well done right up of all tools in one neat collection I will color everything from Android to Windows and Linux but not Apple because I’m not I’m not an Apple user.  let me know if this stuff is useful.  let start it in my next blog.

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