How to make a Multiboot USB pen drive

Ever been in a situation where you just need to boot a pc from usb? With this guide you can be prepared for anything.

Getting ISO

Best way is to download it with torrent. Its fast and helps to keep the servers light. I suggest using qBittorrent a free opensource multi OS torrent program. It also verifies that there are no errors in the downloaded image. 13:00

For OS it can bee anything you need. We are downloading Linux Mint Mate edition.

Take always the newest one and click the torrent link.

qBittorrent download screen looks like this.

When the download is ready you will have an ISO. 13:40

Making USB stick with YUMI

Download the tool and open it. Choose your pen drive where you want to install the OS. And choose the right OS version from the list.

Select Your ISO file from the download folder. After that you can choose. If you want to give additional space on your pen drive so you can save files even if you are only live booting.

Done! You are ready. Now you can add as many operating systems as you like. Even windows.  14:10


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