Logging Basics

9/2/2018 11:03 AM

Linux Mint 19 Tara Cinnamon edition

Ryzen 1600

Gtx 1060

Here we do one successful thing that is logged and one unsuccessful log.

I have 2 Terminal windows open with one in /var/log and the other in whatever I need to do.

I installed drawing app named scribus with command.

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$ apt install scribus

In /var/log/apt/history.log I wrote

In the log file was stored all the info what dependencies etc was installed. For example “python.tk:amd64” was installed and a many more. I Guess that the “automatic” means that it was installed because I installed Scribus.

Becoming ROOT

I was now tailing the /var/log/auth.log with command.

$ tail -f auth.log

Wrote in the other Terminal su

and it asked me for password and I wrote it wrong.

And the auth.log saved this

It tells that the used Akseli tried to become root with “su” command. It called the function pam_authenticate that is used in linux to authenticate users. But it ended up in failure as expected.


/dev/pts/1 akseli:root

Seems to be a log that tells the su request came from terminal window 1.


Making your dream apt command

9/2/2018 11:20 AM

Fish is and very good Bash alternative what I like to use so my dream apt command will be

$ apt install fish

Try out 3 new Linux programs

By installing them with command line 9/2/2018 11:24 AM

I already installed Scribus its somekind of publishing program, but I didn’t find it very intuitive. But seems to work. Not much else to report.

$ apt install cowsay

A talking terminal cow. Funny toy

The last one I searched out with the apt search command

$ apt install gnome-mahjongg
and installed gnome-mahjongg

It Works!

All the time the tail -f auth.log was running and I became root many times it showed also why I became root showing the command.

9/2/2018 11:53 AM


featured image http://pngimg.com/download/27022

pam_authenticate: https://linux.die.net/man/3/pam_authenticate



a) Aiheuta lokiin kaksi eri tapahtumaa: yksi esimerkki onnistuneesta ja yksi esimerkki epäonnistuneesta tai kielletystä toimenpiteestä. Analysoi rivit yksityiskohtaisesti.

b) Vapaaehtoinen kohta, ei ole opetettu vielä: Asenna SSH-demoni. Kokeile omalla ssh-palvelimellasi jotain seuraavista: ssh-copy-id, sshfs, scp tai git. (Helpoin lienee scp: ‘scp foo.txt tero@example.com:’)

c) Tee unelmien apt-get -komento: yksi komentorivi, joka asentaa suosikkiohjelmasi.

d) Asenna komentokehotteen paketinhallinnasta kolme itsellesi uutta komentorivillä toimivaa ohjelmaa. Kokeile kutakin ohjelmaa sen pääasiallisessa käyttötarkoituksessa.

e) Opettele ulkoa ja harjoittele tärkeimmät komennot (tätä “opettele ulkoa” alakohtaa ei tarvitse raportoida):



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