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NextcloudPi Samba vs Webdav speed

So this is a quick story for those who are interested about webdav vs samba in nextcloudPI (NCP).

Setup: Raspberrypi 3 with 32gb samsung evo microsdcard running NextcloudPi 13.0.6

I wanted to see all files on my nextcloud even if I have not synced them up in the windows client. I dont know why they have not implemented samba like feature in the client yet. First I tried webdav it worked wonderully when you first find out that you just need to copy the link in your nextcloud files screen settings. And at a windows network folder with that link.


My second problem was that apparently windows 10 has  webdav file limit of 50MB really… microsoft really… so I couldnt stream videos over it. I did get it to work with some regedits. But then I tried to move files to my Nextcloud. This happened.


My webdav connection speed was 2MBps I was in shock thats unaccepatble so I tried te samba share option in NCP extras. I dont know if there are any other ways to add samba on windows but i just wrote in the file expolrer adressbar “\\raspberry_local_ip. Logged in with samba password and look at that! transferspeed maxedout the 100mbps in my router and raspberrypi.

It was no different to use than any other folder.

Problems with samba

Samba seems to have some limitations. Its not encrypted so its only safe to use in an secure home network. At the moment it dosent pose any risk for my setup because I have turned wifi off in my router and use it more as a switch.  ou can log in only as one user and you dont see your shared items. I use an admin group folder nextcloud app. to share pictures and movies with the whole family but if Im logged in with that I cant use my own files. But after pondering around I only need to have remote access to our pictures those I dont care to have on my pc :P. My own workfiles are allowed to reside on my PC localy.

Yes the pictures are small it was an afterthoguth to make this blog so I grabbed the pictures from my whatsapp messages. Sorry about that.

Is the webdav so slow because of its encryption? Or is it just a bad protocol for this? Or is it not running the connection localy? I dont know. Let me know if you know more.

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