markdown with wordpress and elementor

Markdown with Elementor in WordPress

Markdown with Elementor in WordPress

Is it possible?

I’m studying if its possible to use markdown with WordPress pagebuilder Elementor. I got the idea when our Teacher Tero Karvinen was explaining the benefits of markdown. I’m using Elementor pagebuilder on this website and don’t want to change it. So this was a good time to try to mix both Elementor and markdown and at the same time learn to use Markdown in general. I’m writing this in Brackets 1.13 with the plugin Brackets Markdown Preview. I have live preview with html output.
Live preview
It works nicely.

WordPress plugins

Elementor is probably most powerful WordPress pagebuilder so I would like to be able to write my blogs with Markdown but use Elementor for page design. I’m starting my tests with plugin called WP It works great. It replaces the WordPress default text editor, you can easily paste pictures etc with it and it also has a live preview feature.
Wpmd editor preview
If you have ElementorPro it seems to work flawlessly. The page is generated with right elements, even the code blocks work but sadly, without code highlight.

/* CSS! */
.ninja {
 visibility: hidden;

It should look like this
I will write Elementor a feature request about it. Hopefully we get it soon.


If you press the “Edit with Elementor” button you will get the dreaded Preview Could Not Be Loaded message. You need to go back to to the default editor and your whole file will be destroyed. All the text will be scrambled in the right side.

Markdown editor destroyed

Update: I found out with playing around that you don’t need to return the last revision. The markdown will be fixed if you just return to the normal text editor and press “save draft”. The Markdown will return as it was. So there is no risk to it. You just cant edit your post in Elementor afterwards.

Closing thoughts

I’m pretty impressed with Markdown and will be using it for foreseeable future. The only thing that bugs me right now is that what ever I do I didn’t get the reference links to work. Not in Brackets or in WordPress.

Update 2: There should be a line break after this. But Elementor dosent show it. Sadly thats a second missing piece.


Teachers Website and the Linux server course I’m on at the moment.
Other idea source for this blog. Did not use this plugin.

Most of my blogs will be released under GPLv3 including this one.

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