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It’s good to know at least the basics of coding in different languages and this week’s assignment we had to write Hello world in three different programming languages.

So, lets get started with JavaScript!

JavaScript is a popular language that runs the web. Now days it runs also android apps and even the web backend.

print("Hello World");

See that’s not that hard you just need to remember JavaScript always ends with Semicolon. (Don’t trust me I don’t know how to code.)


You may often hear that PHP is a mess because you can write almost anything in many multiple ways, so nothing is consistent. Still php is one of the most important languages it also runs large parts of the web.

print("Hello World");


Python is a very big language what you can use in almost anything. Web development, science programs, AI, Big data etc. And seems to be the polar opposite of PHP. IF you watch videos on YouTube about python its always stated that Python is a very strict language whit one way to write something. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Because of that its really easy to others to understand your code and vice versa.

print "Hello World"

As you see Python seems to have the most user-friendly syntax it has been designed for good readability but if you write anything longer you need to be careful with the indentations those matter a lot in Python. But you don’t need to play around with parenthesis as much than in other languages.


This was written with markdown. If you want to know how. https://akseliratamo.fi/2018/09/28/markdown-with-elementor-in-wordpress/
My school assignment. This was part “h6” http://terokarvinen.com/2018/aikataulu-%e2%80%93-linux-palvelimet-ict4tn021-3003-to-8-14-alkusyksy-2018p1-%e2%80%93-5-op#comment-24183

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