Getting started with SaltStack



Ubuntu 18.04 server on digital ocean
1 core 1gig ram


Ubuntu 18.04 digital ocean
Linux mint 19 Ryzen 1600, gtx 1060
First update everything runing

sudo apt update && sudo apt ugrade -y

Creating Salt Master

sudo apt-get -y install salt-master
hostname -I

Creating Salt Minion

First install the salt minion and edit the minion file to ad your master ip and slave id

sudo apt-get -y install salt-minion
sudoedit /etc/salt/minion

Add this

id: minion1

Somehow my virtual mashine was not connecting to the master even it was done right. So I made my own pc runing linux mint 19 to a minion. I also made a local slave on the same host as master.

Restart your salt-minion service

sudo systemctl restart salt-minion.service

Connecting slave

In master write and accept the new slaves.

sudo salt-key -A

Test your setup with

sudo salt '*' 'whoami'

Im not sure what those errors are. But we have a connection.

Collecting Brains…

I mean Grains

The master can brainwas the slaves in releasing their secrets with

sudo salt '*' grains.items

For example it will show us the processor that digital ocean is running my virtual mashine.


Want to make more complex things than just single commands? With salt you can declare things like “I want that Firefox is installed”. No matter how many times you run the command it will always check if your wish is granted if it (Firefox is installed) it will not do anything to the minion. This is called Idempotency

First we need to make a new folder on the Saltmaster where to store the rules for the minions.

sudo mkdir -p /srv/salt/

Make a new hello.sls file these are always written in YAML.

sudoedit /srv/salt/hello.sls

Add inside to file this. It will put the file “hello.txt” to all your slaves temporary folder

    - source: salt://hello.txt

Add a file called hello.txt in to the same folder as hello.sls and write inside what ever you like. I will put “See you at”

sudoedit /srv/salt/hellotero.txt

To apply it to your slaves just run.

sudo salt '*' state.highstate

Apply these automatically

If want to run something to all minions by default just make a file named “top.sls”. All minions will periodically ask the master if everthing is as the top.sls says and will change themself accordingly.

Does firewall matter?

It does not. The beauty lies in salt being a “pull” design. Meaning that the minions will contact the master and not the other way around. So it dosent matter what ip or firewall the minion has. Only know domain or ip in the setup needs to be the master IP.


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