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All my blogs have been done with pure markdown for a while already. Starting from my small study how its done with wordpress and elementor what you can read here.
And here in my Github

Git clone

Grab a link from for example github write git clone before it and you get the whole project localy on you desktop.

git clone

git log, git diff, git blame

Git log shows you each commit comment, the creator of the commit, time and ID

Git diff Tells you what is different between versions that you made and the orginal. It can also be used to show differences between any versions

Git blame like the name tells you gives you a change to blame others for code changes in your collaboration. 😉
When you write git blame and a file it will show you who wrote each line and when. It can even tell you the git commit comment. So you know exactly who to blame.

This time everything wrong in the code is me.

Git reset –hard

This will restore your work to last saved session session in git. If you wrote something stupid and dont know how to fix it you can just write

git reset --hard

To go back but remember there is now this can not be undone.

New git module

Lets install keepassxc the new password manager and enable autotype.


I failed to find settings how to enable autotype in CLI.
I tried and finding keepassxc settings other ways but no luck.

find /etc/ -printf  '%T+ %p\n'|sort


Git blame:
My school assignement h3:
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